1. Hey, what a surprise!

  3. billy owens

    billy owens

  4. benpaddon:


    this upsets me

    Does anybody know where these came from? Because this is fascinatingly obscene.

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  5. the-crimson-question:


    Jason, resurrected, chained to a cross, glowing, and about to fight the embodiment of Sin. 

    Guys I think Jason is Bat-Jesus

    Not only that, but he was without memory and his sin that he had to take up to save the world

  6. tinycartridge:

    You’ll never guess what this is in Tomodachi Life

    Or maybe you will. Maybe you’re some kind of silhouette identifying savant. Maybe you won’t need to click past the post break to reveal the results Britt posted from this Tomodachi Life minigame.

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  7. Where were ya, killer croc?


  8. I think I saw IRL Roy Harper from RHATO compete with possible drug addiction. He needs gas money. :(

  9. Poker night.

  10. Horrrrrraaaayyyyyy