2. guys i finally found it!!! the Perfectly Objective Game Review




    wait wait wait wait. trigger warnings for seizures??? what is this sjw shit. clear bias present, go back and try again 

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    These gents came to my door this morning while I was out in the kitchen, in my underwear, grabbing a can of Diet Pepsi.


  5. How to fix a crippling culture (aka GAMER 2.0)

    How to fix a crippling culture (aka GAMER 2.0)


    I have written about this topic so many times, and I know nobody will give a fuck what I type anyway (because I am not doing so on video). But here we go. A long winded wall of text about GAMER GATE, with something called GAMER GATE, you assume something catastrophic happened, almost equal to the president hacking into a hotel. Well after doing some research, I found out there is NOT a…

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    I love satire!! damn

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  7. Trying them out. This is real. Blood Orange And caramel Apple soda

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    Hilda by Duane Bryers

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